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Friday, August 04, 2006

Asian Creampie Story

making my breasts sway and swing. I lowered them until they again brushed against Jay's belly. Then I did something I had only dreamed of doing. I lowered my head and took Jay's cock into my mouth. Finally I was getting something I thought I'd never get. Cock at both ends. And, as I knew I would, I loved asian creampie.
As expected, it wasn't long before fran grunted and held himself deep inside me. He was cumming so hard I could actually feel his cock throb inside me. I hoped Jay really wanted to eat an asian creampie, because I knew he was about to get a big one. As soon as fran pulled away I sat back down on Jay's mouth. I think he liked it because his tongue was really reaching into me. Fran moved around and laid between Jay's legs. He put his mouth near mine and started licking Jay's shaft. I sat up and held Jay's cock so fran could suck it. I told fran to let it slip out when he started cumming so I could watch him shoot. I was sitting up now, close to asian creampie on Jay's tongue, and jacking his shaft while fran sucked on the head and upper half. There were so many feelings and emotions flowing through me I can't describe them, but I was extremely turned on!
I felt Jay's cock throb and knew he was about to shoot. Fran took the first spurt in his mouth, then pulled away and licked near my hand. Seeing Jay's cock spurt cum to the top of his belly was all I needed. I had one of the best orgasms of my life. Jay told me later I flooded his mouth with asian creampie.
So we had all had a good orgasm. Fran licked the cum off of Jay's belly while I sat on his face. I moved and sat on the floor, leaning against the couch, and watched fran suck Jay some more. Then they sat up and we all had a drink and a smoke.
That's all for now! Well, for this post. Fran just came in and helped me "spice it up", as he put it, and told me it's getting too long, so I guess I need to start a new one. Hmmm, or maybe make fran take me back to bed!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Asian Creampie

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